Delta Retreads Master's Swim Club

Fun, Fitness and Participation

Delta Retreads Masters Swim Club Offers 3 professionally coached sessions per week and welcomes all swimmers age 18 and over. The club has been providing fun, fitness and participation to members since 1981!

2016/2017 Season starts Tuesday, Sept 27th. New members welcome!

New this year: Choose from 3 membership options:

 1) Full season. Fully coached sessions Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday ($600)
 2) Tuesday/Thursday evenings only ($400)
 3) Sunday morning only ($300)

For those who can't start right away, please note that we allow a limited number of members to join later in the year (rates are appropriately pro-rated).

Also, for those who are more interested in the social aspect of the club, there are limited "Social" memberships available ($100/yr). With social memberships, you can attend up to 6 sessions anytime during the year - and we look forward to seeing you at any of our social events (such as the Sunday Klatch).

If you are considering joining and want more information, you get contact us via email or see if there are executive members you know from the community. Retreads is happy to welcome new members to the 2016-2017 season and we look forward to sharing club highlights with you. The club brochure, which is available in the lobby at Sungod, is also a geat resource.

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